Aqua-Buses In St.Petersburg Start Navigation In The End Of May

aqua-bus in Saint Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg aqua-taxi will open navigation season from May 25-29 (depending on ice conditions).
The Transportation Committee will locate 20 water bus-stops (mini-piers) for aqua-buses to stop by for boarding.

Aqua-buses will serve four following routes:
* “Maritime Line” (from the Staraya Derevnya area (“the Old Village”) to the Arsenal Embankment)
* “Central Line” (from the Sverdlovskaya to the University Embankment)
* “Neva Line (from the Sverdlovskaya Embankment to the Rybatskoe (Fisherman) Avenue)
* “Resort Line” (from the Arsenal Embankment to Kronstadt)

Estimated ticket price is 54 Rubles (~1.4 Euro) for adults and 27 Rubles for children on the ‘Maritime’, ‘Central’ and ‘Neva’ lines, and 100 Rubles for adults and 50 Rubles for children on the ‘Resort line’.
Aqua-buses are supposed to travel with the 15 mins interval, while average time of travel between two final destinations is about 40-45 mins.

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