The Deepest Aquarium in Russia Opened in St.Petersburg


The deepest aquarium in Russia, “Planet Neptune”, opened at Feb 17th 2012, in St. Petersburg. This unique aquarium located in the building of St-Petersburg Oceanarium (Marata Str., 86). The depth of the new tank is the height of a three-storey house, and a new exhibition “The Road to the Ocean”, will include more than 1200 species of reef dwelling fish and crustaceans. As reported in an interview, the new exhibition includes the most numerous inhabitants of the steep reef slopes from the Indian and western Pacific oceans. They are extremely voracious, so three times a day they must be fed large amounts of food.

In order to set up the huge aquarium, the workers had to completely disassemble and then reassemble the corner of the building, which houses the aquarium. The amount of work done to accompany this new exhibit was enormous.

Viewing the new exhibit will stun visitors, as they are viewing a new discovery that is not typically seen by everyone. A large viewing window in the utility room of the main tank will give visitors plenty of room to see everything swimming around. Visitors can also see the area where the divers make dives into the aquarium to feed the inhabitants, and how they keep the scenery clean. In the main tank, the volume is a stunning 800,000 liters. The aquarium also provides shows with sharks, and amazingly, it features an underwater tunnel with a moving track to travel on the sea floor.

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