Beat Film Festival 2012 in St-Petersburg

beat film festival petersburg 2012

Beat Film Festival features up to 15 music documentaries each year and serves as a showcase and a unique platform for distribution of internationally acclaimed documentaries that have not yet found their way to the Russian viewer. This year for the first time the Festival will be taking place in Saint Petersburg between May 31 and June 3. The other two venues are Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

Beat Film Festival 2012 Trailer

The audience will be introduced to seven documentaries about music and modern culture in Saint Peterburg’s “Cinema House” (“Dom Kino”).
One of the products on this year’s programme is the Russian film called “Fuck-Fuck” about the famous band “Leningrad”. The director of this documentary has been following the musicians everywhere, filming all the aspects of their daily lives. The atmosphere of impetuous joy is conveyed accurately, even though with the considerable help of obscene words.

You can also evaluate the British comedy about the world known punks from NOFX and RHCP who have happened to become fathers. The fun starts when the thoroughly tattooed lads try to set brilliant examples for their children. One has to hide dolls in his trunk before the upcoming tour while the other comes to school in a T-shirt spelling “fuck the police”.

The most touching story of the Festival is probably the one about the Scandinavian pensioner, Grandma Lo-Fi, who started her career at the age of 70 by making compositions with the help of a simple electronic keyboard and kitchen utensils. Over the next seven years she has created 59 albums and become an inspiration for artists of Iceland.

The other documentary (“Anton Corbijn Inside Out”) is dedicated to publishing the details of professional and private lives of the photographer Anton Corbijn. The director of the film has captured both the photo session with George Clooney and the quiet family dinner of Corbijn’s family.

This leaves us with the free documentaries about the legendary bands. “Beats Rhymes & Life” is a screen story of the world known American group A Tribe Called Quest. We learn not only about the creative search and development of these people but also about the street life of New York.

The other documentary is unique and relates the story of Radiohead, that is usually claimed to be the main rock group of the planet. Grant Gee, the director of the film, called it “Meeting people is easy”, hinting at Tom York’s misanthropic mind-set he had to cope with.

And the seventh one in “Marley”. The definitive life story of the musician, revolutionary, and legend, from his early days to his rise to international superstardom. For this film, Bob Marley’s family gave filmmaker Kevin Macdonald access to countless documents as well as interviewees. In the film, the Oscar-winning director presents archive material, some of which has never been seen before; he also interviews Marley’s fellow musicians, friends, lovers and family members – including several of his twelve children and also his wife, Rita. We also see the man on stage in excerpts from his concerts. Marley’s music was also political, as is evidenced in his love for Africa and the attempt on his life that was made during a concert for peace held in Jamaica.

Beat Film Festival 2012 will take place in Saint Peterburg’s “Cinema House” (“Dom Kino”), located on Karavannaya str. 12. See the map below. Schedule can be found on official festival’s webpage.

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