Bicycle Culture in St.Petersburg

Bicycle Culture in St.Petersburg

One of the latest St Petersburg fads is bicycle riding. While bicycle culture in St Petersburg has not yet reached the Copenhagen craze, it is definitely in its blooming stage. It is fresh and cool way to explore the city, offering an entirely new perspective and a more economical and green mode of transportation.

Promoting bicycle culture in St Petersburg has united social activists in their struggle for more sustainable and environmentally clean city. A bike-a-thon, organized on July 1st had united thousands of bike riders, making a great social commentary on current city infrastructure and promoting cycling culture to the nearly 7 million city dwellers and visitors.

Bicycle rent  in St.Petersburg
St Petersburg municipality has been developing the cycling infrastructure, including segregated bike lanes, improved parking facilities and access to public transportation. Statistics show nearly 1.5 million bicycle lovers in the city. With such growth spurt of cycling culture in St Petersburg, extensive facilities, catering to urban bicycles, such as bike racks, are becoming a common fixture.

So whether you want to be a trend follower or a trend setter – don’t miss out this amazing way to take in the beauty of the Palmyra of the North and get on your bike to explore! Don’t have a bicycle – not to worry! State of the art bike renting facilities have popped up all over the city and offer city and mountain bikes, tandem bikes and baby seats, rentals for a few hours or for several days, with group discounts, and delivery.

If you are one of the guests of “Friends” hostel, you are twice as lucky – they have “home-made” 24/7 bike rental service at naberezhnaya Kanala Griboyedova 20, and as a visitor you’ll have 20% discount!

rental bike via "Friends" hostel in Saint Petersburg
Also, guided bike-tours provided either on English and Russian languages.

"Friends" bike rent in Saint Petersburg
There are many bike routes of St Petersburg that will take you on a unique journey around the city. Some of the more popular routes will take you along the river banks and will lift the curtain to reveal the grandiose architectural vision of the imperial capital.

The following route will take you through some of them:

Bike routes St Petersburg
1. Start out at the St Isaac’s square and St Isaac’s Cathedral, follow the Blue Bridge to cross the Moika river
2. Continue to Razumovskiy Palace or the Gertzen Pedagogic Institute
3. Ride up to the Winter Palace and the Palace Square, enjoying the beautiful Alexander Column
4. Pass by the House-Museum of Pushkin
5. Continue along Konushenniy Dvor to the Church of the Saviour on Blood, Mikhailov Garden, and the Marse Battlefield
6. Pass through the Summer Garden, Engineer’s Castle, Chizhik-Pyzhik
7. Enjoy the sights of the Sheremetyev Palace and the Circus
8. Ride over the Anichkov Bridge to arrive at the Anichkov Palace and later to Beloselskiy-Belozerskiy Palace
9. Check out Tolstoy’s House at Fontanka 54
10. Cross over the Lermontov Bridge to arrive at the Grand (Bolshoy) Drama Theater followed by Lenizdat
11. Pass by Yusupov Palace
12. Ride through Nikolskaya Palace to Nikolskiy Cathedral
13. Enjoy the view of the Mariiskiy Theater
14. Continue to New Holland
15. Cross over the Fonarniy Bridge and finish your tour by Dom Kulturi

No bike rental facility that is easily accessible for you – check out a local bike store – many of them do daily rentals. Want to rent a bike and grab a coffee and a mouthwatering pastry to go – no problem, “22:13” has recently started lending “Electra” cruisers to their customers.

22:13 electra in Saint Petersburg
Want to explore the city on a bike, but don’t know the best route to take? Some bike rentals, like “Velotour” offer unique guided bike tours that will exhilarate you, whether you want to see the “Romantic spots”, “Rivers and Channels” or go on an “Urban Bike Tour”.

Velotour Saint Petersburg
There is no shortage of Bicycle Repair shops either. Whether you need a simple tune-up or want to get a custom-made bicycle, places like “Ellipsis” got you covered. “Ellipsis” located at Palace Embankment, 20, inside “Taiga” area, and open Mon.-Sat. 15:00-21:00

Bicycle Repair in St.Petersburg - "Ellipsis"
So get your wheels and get out there – to enjoy, to exercise, to explore, to innovate, and to have fun!
And while biking – don’t forget about lunches and dinners, find where to eat in Saint Petersburg with!

Bicycle Culture in St.Petersburg

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