“The Big Cascade” at Peterhof will be renovated by the summer

pulpolocal-big-cascade--fountain-paterhof-saint-petersburg-russia The Big Cascade fountain at the park museum of Peterhof town will be renovated by the summer season. There are 19 sculptures of this and other fountains given to the repair studious of the Northern Capital. These are big statues of ‘Neva’ and Volkhv’ (Magus), ‘Juno’ and ‘Galatea’, ‘Akid’, ‘Pandora’ and ‘Perseus’.

Restoration works will last several months according to the information from press-service of the museum. While the restoration experts will peal old gilding, remove the damages from the metal surface and apply the fresh gilding. By the beginning of the tourist season (in the mid May usually) the statues will get back to their places.

The sculptural group ‘Samson tearing the lion’s mouth’ – the park major spot – was completely renovated last year.

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