Summer Cocktails With Fruit Notes In French Restaurant “KYHNYA”

Summer Cocktails With Fruit

This summer in French restaurant “KYHNYA” you are welcome to try tasty, healthy and nutritious cocktails and lemonades that will make your summertime yet happier, adding sunlight along with the particular French charm to it.

The good-for-health components of the cocktails:

Oranges, pineapples and kiwis support the functions of our bodies, strengthen and rejuvenate them, supplying vitamin C and helping to stay in good mood.
Whortleberries improve metabolism, memory and help to cope with stress. They are beneficial for our nerves, muscles, and especially for eyesight.
Raspberry is good for vessels and digestive system, it strengthens the immune system.
Pears help to normalize blood pressure and back up the nervous system.
Cranberries can fight back colds and enrich our bodies with antioxidants.
Strawberries are great for brain, heart and vessels.
Bananas improve mood and work efficiency. Attention, athletes! Bananas help to build-up muscles.
Apples help to reduce the level of cholesterol in blood, normalize digestion and improve appetite.
Summer Cocktails With Fruit
Tarragon strengthens nerves and vessels, improves metabolism, and helps to get rid of depressions, headaches, insomnias.
Basil removes edemas and makes the tonic effect.
Celery improves the state of skin and hair; it is also beneficial for the eyesight.
Elder-berries can be applied as a sedative.

In the menu:

“Fruit dimansh” (oranges, pineapple, whortleberries, raspberries)/350 ml – 290 rub
“Marmalade from Leon” (pears, cranberries, apples, strawberries)/250 ml – 290 rub
“Corsican breakfast” (kiwis, bananas, apples)/250 ml – 290 rub

Homemade lemonades:
“The Ballets Russes” (tarragon, lemon juice, apple syrup, soda water)/500 ml – 320 rub
“Montmartre 15-40” (strawberries, basil, syrup “Spicy”, lemon juice, soda water)/500 ml – 320 rub
“Maginot Line” (celery, apples, apple syrup, vanilla, lemon juice, soda water)/500 ml – 200 rub
“Charles said Hi” (cucumbers, elder-berry syrup, lemon, soda water)/500 ml – 200 rub

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