“The Colours Of St.Petersburg” – The First International Festival Of Street Painting

The-Colours Of St-Petersburg Festival Of Street Painting

Italy is said to be the country where street painting has started. Vagrant artists travelled from one town to another, entertaining the public by creating huge magnificent chalk paintings.

Festival Of Street Painting The Colours Of St Petersburg
Primorsky Park Pobedy of Krestovsky Island will be the venue for the first international festival of street painting in Russia which will take place from 30, June to 1, July.

The participants come from The USA, Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and Russia. A group of thirty artists will fight for the right of going to the festival of 3D in Europe. You may choose any topic for your painting, for instance, a religious one (following the example of vagrant artists of Middle ages).
 The Colours Of St Petersburg - Festival Of Street Painting

“The Colours Of St.Petersburg” event is going to be visited by several acknowledged artists. Among them you can find: Tracy Lee Stum, who currently holds a Guinness World Record for the Largest Chalk Painting by an Individual; Adriana del Rocio Garcia Hernandez, a prominent 2D painter; the founder of the group “Planet Streetpainting” Peter Vesterink.
Colours Of St.Petersburg Festival Of Street Painting
Not only the professionals are lucky enough to enjoy street painting three days in a row – anyone takes part. Who knows, this festival may help somebody recognize their talent.
How to get where:
Go to Krestovskiy ostrov metro station (See how to use metro in Saint-Petersburg) and just walk by the central avenue of the Primorsky Park Pobedy (Primorsky Victory Park)

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UPDATE 02-Lul-2012: Here you can see some photos from the event.