Day Of The City In Saint Petersburg!

Day Of The City Saint Petersburg

This year Saint Petersburg celebrates the 300th anniversary of becoming the capital and 340th anniversary of the founder of St. Petersburg, Peter the Great.

Day Of The City Celebration Program: Saturday, May 26 2012

Ice Cream Festival
In the Ostrovsky Square from 11:00 to 21:00 the most delicious event of the year “Ice-Cream Festival” will be happening in the 17th time in the history. This time celebration starts with an appeal “Enter your name into the record books of Ice Cream Celebration”. All day on the Ostrovsky Square sweet prizes, fun show program and an opportunity to talk to the stars will be waiting for guests.

A Festival “In The Style Of Peter The Great”

Day Of The City in Saint Petersburg

Nevsky Prospect and the Arrow of Vasilevsky Island for the day plunge into the atmosphere of famous festivals established by the founder of our city by Peter the Great. The organizers promise “a maze of amusement” and “crackers”, a circus clown with spectacular stunts Balakirev, acrobats and satirical “expose vices,” a demonstration of the Petrine fashion, a museum of curiosities in the style of Peter the Great’s cabinet of curiosities in the submission of reviving the statues, a special “city designer” for children, song and dance performances. Eight stages and scenic areas will be placed on Nevsky Prospect and the Arrow of Vasilevsky Island. Arrange your holiday as planned in the cartoon with the key elements of popular print culture and the use of bright festive colors.

Day Of The City Celebration Program: Sunday, May 27 2012

All of the major traditional celebrations will be held May 27 the historical date of St. Petersburg foundation.
In St. Isaac’s Cathedral Divine Liturgy will take place in honor of the founding of St. Petersburg. From 14:00 to 19:00 the entrance to the museum will be free.

Opening Of The Summer Garden
Summer Garden st petersburg day of the city

A real gift for the birthday of the city – the opening of the Summer Garden. The opening ceremony after the first stage of the restoration of the complex reconstruction of the Summer Garden will begin at 12:00.

Large-scale restoration of the Summer Garden began in 2009 and is the first in the last 200 years. After the restoration appeared in the Summer Garden fountains, an aviary, small greenhouse and the Menazhereyny pond. All these objects were in the garden at the time of Peter the Great and returns to the garden in the reconstituted form.

Family Celebration At The Palace Square

Festival on the Day of the City will begin at noon on the Palace Square. City theaters, circus, the zoo, St. Petersburg film studio with real “takes” will be presented to the citizens. And also there will be organized work of animators, teachers who teach tie knots, etc. Real family holiday celebration is waiting for you!.

“Sand-Petersburg” Project
St Peteresburg day of the city
May 27 at 19:00 there will be a concert dedicated to the Day of St. Petersburg at Sadovaya Street., 11 (the Fund of Mikhail Shemyakin). Sand-actor (Master of sand animation) Marina Sosnina and composer Paul Cantor represent a unique art project “Sand-Peterburg” – the story of St. Petersburg, told by the movements of the hands of the artist and musicians. As part of the concert the exhibition of paintings of sand “sand animation in photographs” will be opened. Visitors have a unique chance to plunge into the world of images created with your fingertips on the sand.

“Palaces of St. Petersburg”
One of the first self-Petersburg Festivals – a festival of classical music “Palaces of St. Petersburg” will be opened on the day of the city in the hall of the Hermitage Stamp at 19:00 with performance of Italian Saxophone Orchestra Federico Mondelchi running.

Enjoy the celebration!
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