Easter Traditions Of Russian Empire Get Back To Saint Petersburg

Modern Art of Porcelain Gallery in Saint Petersburg

Decorative Easter eggs and other interior items, such as vases and trays produced today by the Imperial Porcelain Factory, are displayed at the exhibition ‘Easter Presents’ open now till May 24 in the Gallery of Modern Art of Porcelain in Saint Petersburg.
This is a return of the tradition back form the 18th century when the first Easter Egg was made specially for the Empress Elizabeth II. An since that time each year craftsmen of the Imperial Porcelain Factory had been producing decorative porcelain Easter attributes for the Tsar family until the Revolution.
Nowadays tradition is back, and the Factory has prepared a masterpiece collection of Easter goods for Saint Petersburg. You can view and purchase any item you liked at the Gallery which is localted right at the territory of the Plant on 151 Prospekt Obukhovskoy Oborony.
Gallery’s website (Rus)

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