Fountain Season Is On In Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg Petergoff (Peterhof)

On April 13 in Saint Petersburg the fountain season of 2012 began. The first were started is the ‘Ball’ fountain at Malaya Sadovaya street, and another not far from it – at Manezhnaya Square. This is second year in row when these two fountains open the season in Saint Petersburg. And it’s becoming a good tradition now. In April it is scheduled to start the fountain at Nikol’skiy Garden, then renovated fountain group ‘The Boy With a Duck’ at Tavricheskiy Garden, ‘Putti’ Fountain at Vvedenskiy Garden, then another one by Zimniy (Winter) Palace, and by Kazan Catehdral, and one more in Alexandrovskiy Garde. So by May 09, Victory Day, nearly each city fountain will be springing and sparkling to everyone’s pleasure. Famous Peterhof Fountains will be open on May 01, but traditional annual Peterhof Fountain Festival will be on May 19. Make sure you have your masquerade dress ready by that day!

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