• Type: Wine Bar, Bakery Cafe
  • Cuisine: European
  • Av. Check: $$, $$$
  • Geo: Vasileostrovskaya Metro Station
  • Specials: Parking, Wi-Fi

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sun. 11:00-0:00

A variety of high-quality alcohol: beer, wine, whiskey, rum, sherry, port wine, madeira.
Fresh homemade pastries, Author desserts, Aromatic coffee.

For reservations please call +7 (981) 198 27 87

Visitors speak:

Found it spontaneously while walking around the Vasilevski Island and decided to celebrate end of the year there. Very nice atmosphere, great selection of wines, fresh and tasty food, very friendly owner and other stuff. Will visit this wine bar again for sure!

It’s a great wine bar, and the beer is good too. But coffee is the best thing here! And desserts, so yummy!

Variety of wines, great coffee, and most very friendly waitresses in Saint Petersburg!

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BRATIYA TONET, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Established at

Mar. 2014



Sankt-Peterburg, Birzhevoy pereulok, 4