• Type: Restaurant
  • Cuisine: Russian
  • Av. Check: $$
  • Geo: Admiralteiskaya Metro Station
  • Specials: Board Games, Wi-Fi

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sun. 12:00-0:00

A few steps from Nevskiy Prospect and you leave the vain 21st century and go back to the 19th century. A cozy and hospitable flat of a Saint Petersburg writer of the middle of the 19th century, a home cook and parlourmaids – these are the scene and the characters of the play that is daily performed for you in the Gogol restaurant.

You are warmly welcomed and shown into the rooms. Of all the rooms you can choose one that best answers your mood. Regardless of the room you chose you play the star part in the intimate gastronomic play.

Nikolai Gogol confessed that gastronomy was his second biggest passion after literature. However, it is the one and only passion of the owners of the Gogol project. Experts of kitchen art will do their best to arrange a true feast for you. The menu is a breathtaking novel that offers you a wide choice of classic Russian dishes and the more sophisticated meals that used to please Saint Petersburg literary Bohemia.

The project owners aim to recreate the very atmosphere of Saint Petersburg books of Nikolai Gogol, the language of the epoch, the uniqueness of home Russian cuisine that borrowed so many fragrant names and exquisite recipes from the French, they lovingly built this house of beauty, savour, tunes and subtle aftertaste.

For reservations please call +7 (812) 312 60 97

Visitors speak:

Great food, good service, but most of all – fantastic atmosphere in the restaurant. The pianist playing, the menus and everything really set the tone for great dinner. Excellent location as well. Gogol is a really nice place.

Gogol is in a great location, and has a wonderful atmosphere. We even enjoyed the homemade vodka! We could have done without the attitude from our waiter, who either was just having a bad day, or had a problem with tourists. We were not at all demanding and tipped well anyway, so hopefully that cured his attitude. The uneven service was the only downside of an otherwise lovely experience.

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Established at

Dec. 2010

Sankt-Peterburg, Malaya Morskaya ulitsa, 8