• Type: Restaurant
  • Cuisine: European
  • Av. Check: $$
  • Geo: Elektrosila Metro Station
  • Specials: Cloakroom, Kids Menu, Parking, Playroom, TV, Veg Menu, Wi-Fi

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sun. 11:00-0:00

The Grill Station is not a steak house, we just love the grill and cook everything we love on it: vegetables, root vegetables, salads, fish, meat, seafood. We experiment in combinations, we focus on the locality and seasonality of products, but we do not go to high cuisine and refined gastronomy.

For us, the main goal is to convey the natural taste of the product, skillfully emphasizing it with live fire. After all, fire gives the dishes an exceptional juiciness, the correct texture and a pronounced smoky aroma.

Our multi-level grill is equipped with grilles with V-shaped channels, and it allows to preserve the value and benefits of the products and at the same time avoid the ingress of the formed juice into the incandescent coals; the lifting mechanisms allow to work with different temperatures – this design was formed thanks to the centuries-old experience of grilling dishes in Spain and Argentina.

For reservations please call +7 (812) 955 98 00

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Established at

Feb. 2017




Sankt-Peterburg, Moskovsky prospekt, 139, korpus 1