• Type: Restaurant, Bar
  • Cuisine: Author, Asian
  • Av. Check: $$
  • Geo: Admiralteiskaya Metro Station
  • Specials: Business Lunch, Parking, Restaurant With View, Takeaway

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Thu., Sun. 12:00-0:00
Fri., Sat. 12:00-2:00

The Made in China is the rebirth and development of the Black China project, which was situated in Baskov Lane, managed not only to come into the bright spotlight, but also to acquire a large audience of fans. Now it is a joint project of two restaurant tandems and this synergy allows the place to balance between the formats of a gastronomic Asian cafe and the first “Asian” bar in the city.

The Made In China can seat about eighty guests, evenly spaced on two levels. The first one is a large hall with bar counter and shelves filled with unique alcohol. The second one is a historical mezzanine, from which it’s nice to look at the bartenders’ work and everything that happens on the first floor. The designers left their native marble, modern handrails and stucco on the ceiling, but at the same time they lightened the interior with modern interior details, bright colour of the walls and light wooden constructions.

A full-fledged and precise menu of the Made In China gathered in itself authorial versions of unhackneyed Asian recipes, borrowed from the cuisines of China, Korea and Japan: bao (Chinese steamed buns) with a huge variety of fillings, pork ribs with kimchee cabbage, salmon in tempura from cuttlefish ink, several kinds of tender dim sums and gedze, tataki, glazed duck with quinoa and many others. The thing that has already become the bar’s trademark is moti – a Japanese dessert from rice dough with berry stuffing.

In the bar menu of the Made In China there is a collection of Japanese, Korean and Chinese distillates: shochu, soju as well as unique kinds of Chinese vodka. The chief bartender never fails to keep his style – minimalism and experiments with unconventional serving and to pay respect to the history of drink and the culture of drinking. The wine list is more traditional, it contains familiar Riesling, Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, which are matched to the cuisine and delicately accent taste of the dishes. Also, it features natural biodynamic wineries and atypical regions with interesting patterns.

For reservations please call +7 (812) 905 51 35

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