• Type: Restaurant
  • Cuisine: Russian
  • Av. Check: $$, $$$
  • Geo: Sportivnaya Metro Station
  • Specials: Board Games, Breakfasts, Business Lunch, Restaurant With View, TV, Wi-Fi

Restaurant Group:

Ginza Project

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sun. 12:00-1:00

The Mari Vanna restaurant is all about Russian coziness. It moved from Lenina Street to Mytninskaya Embankment and now it boasts the view of Hare Island and Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. The room screens wrapped in Pavloposadskie shawls compete in nostalgia with retro sideboards and typewriters, the symbols of good old days. The place offers a seating area on the balcony, a lower hall and two separate rooms for chamber get-togethers – the Fireplace and the Dining Room. Under the soft light pouring down from hand-knitted lampshades, you feel like curling up in a chair near the complete works of Chekhov to remember your childhood…

…and to have a snack. Mari Vanna treats guests with homemade food that Russian mums and grandmas used to prepare: Russian salad with veal, hearty meat jelly, golden pies with veal heart and sorrel soup with chicken. They bake thin wheat and thick Guriev style pancakes with buckwheat porridge and liver or crab, plus sturgeon and pike caviar, eggplant spread. They hold banquets with suckling pig for the whole table and sterlet stuffed with smoked salmon, they bake a whole pike perch and serve it with horseradish next to the salted orange milk mushrooms, Olyutorskaya herring and a sweated crystal shotglass.

For reservations please call +7 (812) 230 53 59 or book a table online

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MARI VANNA, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Established at

Jun. 2017

Sankt-Peterburg, Mytninskaya naberezhnaya, 3