• Type: Restaurant
  • Cuisine: European
  • Av. Check: $$$
  • Geo: Admiralteiskaya Metro Station, Sportivnaya Metro Station, Vasileostrovskaya Metro Station
  • Specials: Live Music/Show, Sommelier, Wi-Fi

Restaurant Group:

Concord Catering

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sun. 13:00-23:00

In an era of rapid changes the Staraya Tamozhnya remains an area of calm and constancy, that people need. Because of adherence to traditions, impeccable cuisine and high level of service, this restaurant allows its regular visitors to feel confident and to rest in an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

The Staraya Tamozhnya is a restaurant that can rightly be called one of the gastronomic prides of Saint Petersburg. Every resident and guest of this glorious city will like the mystery, mysticism and, at the same time, the unique comfort of this place. Many inhabitants of Saint Petersburg know the Staraya Tamozhnya, like it, and advise it to their friends.

The menu will satisfy the needs of the most fastidious gourmet: dishes of the refined cuisine prepared by real masters of cooking, best quality seafood, elegant wine list, unique desserts and more.

For reservations please call +7 (812) 327 89 80

Visitors speak:

We had group dinner after the conference there. Beautifully set tables, great live music, gourmet food accompanied by perfect wine recommended by sommelier… Probably one of the best places in St. Petersburg for quiet company of grown-ups.

This Saint Petersburg restaurant is just unbelievable! I won’t even call it a restaurant, it’s a true deep experience between taste and love. Food is innovative, surprising and wonderfully created as little art pieces you might be sorry to eat at first. Music is chilling and brain lightning and perfectly matched with the wonderful atmosphere and design. Service is lovely and professional. Wine selections just wow. Thumbs up for all the kitchen team, talented and brilliant chefs. We’ll be back for sure!

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STARAYA TAMOZHNYA, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

Established at

Dec. 1996

Sankt-Peterburg, Tamozhennyi pereulok, 1