Transportation In Saint Petersburg. Overground Transport.

Trams in Saint Petersburg

Transportation topic is getting more demanded by the tourist season in Saint Petersburg. As any big European city Saint Petersburg has a lot to offer in different town corners. As we have already discovered in the article ‘Transportation In Saint Petersburg. Underground Transport.’ Metro system is not a big network, and you will need to travel overground from time to time in order to reach some famous town spots. Here is a short guidance for you.

Buses in Saint Petersburg Buses.

First thing you better remember about any of the overground transport means, is that you have to be where attentive on where you are and when you need to go out. The bus stops are not announced in English, at some central routes the stops are displayed on the screen in the bus in Russian.
Make sure you know where you go and can recognize the name of the place in Cyrillic. At the bus stops in the city center there are detailed maps where you can double check your rout. You can also do it online . Still, everything is in Russian inside and outside of the bus. One good advise – count the buss stops! Don’t try to speak to the bus driver at any language, not because he cannot speak foreign languages, but simply it is forbidden to disturb the driver.

Buses that circulate in the city center can get in the traffic jams easily; take this fact into account when planning your journey. In summer time windows are open besides air conditioning in the salon. There are two ways of travel fee payment: get a pre-paid card for all over ground transportation or pay on board. Pre-paid cards are sold at metro stations, it is valid for 10 trips within30 days and will cost you 195 Rubles or about 19, 5 Rubles per trip. One-way trip paid on board will cost you 21 Rubles. Travels fees are not changing normally while the season.

Trolleybuses in saint petersburg Trolleybuses.

There are 50 routes of electric transport – trolleybuses.
Mainly in the city center and they duplicated bus routes mainly.
Those means of transport are often a cause of traffic jams, as the routes were planned far in Soviet times when no one could predict the traffic intensity of today.
Other rules are the same: no English, two ways of payment, same travel fee.

Tram in saint petersburg Trams.

The only means of transport that was operating even while the World War II and the siege. First electric tram clinked around the town in the end of 19th century and was horse led, some years later it became absolutely electricity driven.

During soviet times it was everywhere, and today it is left in the areas where it can co-exists with other traffic participants: away from the town center with not a lot of transportation. And the travel rules are also the same to the two other: no English, two ways of payment, same travel fee.

Fix Route Taxis Saint Petersburg Fix Route Taxis.

This is alternative way of travelling around the town over ground. It offers big network, travels practically everywhere. But there are some things you should clearly understand about this transportation before using it.

Firstly, the further from city town you go away the more packed the route taxi gets. Secondly, bus stops are never announced, but have to be requested in Russian loudly at least 2-3 minutes before the bus stop is expected. Otherwise you will miss your bus stop. Thirdly, you pay to the driver and the travel fees vary depending on the route.

Then fix route taxis can bring you to the palace suburbs, and other tourist spots outside the town. Starting bus stops are connected with metro-stations. Simply look at the town map, locate the suburb you want to go – in the north, south or east of town – and find the final metro station or two at the metro line – north-, south- or eastbound.

And of course the three golden rules: no English, two ways of payment, same travel fee.

When searching for the place to have lunch in St Petersburg use Geo Tag with Pulpolocal and you will not miss your station!

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