Saint Petersburg To be Promoted Via Gastronomic Brands

international food in saint petersburg

Parma ham, Bavarian sausages and Viennese coffee – there are a lot of examples of how gourmet brands influence the level of attractiveness of some regions and towns. What is the use of gastronomic brands in tourism development and consolidation of the image of towns and territories? It is rather often when gastronomy influences the choice of destination to travel, people are spending over one third of the travel money for eating. It happens sometimes that the wish to try some unique meal is the major reason for taking a trip. A tourist views the local cuisine as one of the methods to get a better idea of the local habits, traditions, and culture.

vodka and caviar to eat in saint petersburgSpecialists of the Higher School of Economics in Saint Petersburg have performed a research and found 10 gastronomy brands which match several criteria such as being mentioned in folk stories and songs, being included into traditional cook books of the region, being served in local restaurants. The homebound tour operators’ data of the actual usage of gourmet items in the commercials was also closely analyzed. The results showed that most widely used brands are the King Crab from Kamchatka, the Tula Gingerbread and the Baikal Omul. Whereas, the Saint Petersburg Smelt and the Novgorod Whitebait do not appear in the travel agencies’ commercials at all, for instance. It appeared thatSaint Petersburg does not posses any particular internationally recognised food brand. Local kit of the most popular food and alcohol goods is very typical for the whole of Russia: vodka and caviar.

“It is explained by the fact that Saint Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod have enough of other specialties, – the research leader Valeriy Gordin comments. – But for more solid impression made even by the most attractive tourist centers it is highly desirable for them to own an easily memorable gastronomic brand of the territory”

There are three components of tourist branding of Saint Petersburg listed in the research:

luxery restaurant 1. ‘Imperial Cuisine of Saint Petersburg’, is supposed to speculate the image of Saint Petersburg as of the former capital of the large and wealthy empire. There are some features that are supposed to match the brand: luxury interiors likely connected to the tsar court or Russian aristocracy traditions; menus based on the 18-19 centuries resources. Dining out at such place should look like a historical performance, marked with culinary delicacies and appropriate style of food serving.


silver age in russian cafe 2. ‘The Silver Age Cuisine’ is linked to the rich artistic history of Saint Petersburg. In the time period named ‘the Silver Age’ there were cafes famous for being the centers of artistic life in Saint Petersburg. Well-known poets, artists, stage directors, and actors, who then gained world wide fame, were visiting these places regularly. To make the real contribution to forming gastronomic brand, ‘cafés of the Silver Age’ should not only offer some culinary stylization of the mentioned epoch, but recreate the atmosphere of the abundant artistic life also.

soviet-bar-restaurant 3. The third component is so called ‘Leningrad Cuisine’, which is targeting Russian tourists first, as majority of them lived or are familiar with the soviet style Leningrad, and they still keep in mind the places as ‘Café Nord’, doughnuts at Zhelyabova street, and already lost restaurant old-timed ‘Metropol’ .
“Gastronomic image of St.Petersburg will generate additional motivation among the tourists for visiting the town.” –researchers say.
We say – explore eating out brands of Saint Petersburg right away with!

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