St.Petersburg Is Launching Night Buses

Saint Petersburg Is Launching Night Buses

As soon as the first day of July comes, night buses catering for the citizens and visitors of St. Petersburg will start running along five specially created bus routes. The project will be working in a test mode.

The created routes are identical to those of the underground, which ensures the connection between the urban districts at nighttime, when the underground is closed.

Metro map of Saint Petersburg
–          No 1 –
reflects the red underground line

–          No 2 –
reflects the blue underground line

–          No 3 –
reflects the green underground line

–          No 4 –
reflects the orange underground line

–          No 5 –
reflects the purple underground line

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The routs will start working full-time at the seventh of July. The Transport Committee of St. Petersburg proposed to set in motion 67 buses of big capacity, including low floor city buses.

The buses will be working at weekends, with fifteen-minute intervals. However, if the project proves to be successful, there is a possibility that such buses will start running daily.

It is important to say that while the part of Trinity Bridge is being lifted, the buses will run part-time and along the altered routes, on either side of the river. Then the full routes will be renewed.

The passengers will be able to pay the fare using electronic tickets that are also valid for the other public conveyances, or pay one-time fare (23 rubles).

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