Photo Exhibition “The Taste Of Colours” In Coffee House “RUBAI”

Photo exhebition, coffee house “Rubai”, Saint-Petersburg

On the sixth of June the works by the fashionable photographer Anna-Sophia Sporzhetskaya will be exposed in the tea&coffee house “Rubai”, Saint-Petersburg. The photo exhibition “The taste of colours” (Vkus tsveta) is held with the assistance of the model agency Susanna Models.

According to the photographer, each colour possesses a vivid taste. In the pictures you will see the bright blush of summer and great splashes of exotic fruit against the background of perfectly untouched blazing snow. Fragrant. Contrasting. Juicy.

Anna-Sophia Sporzhetskaya easily succeeded in showing the unity of opposites: the titanic power of nature in the grandeur of Russian winter and the richness of ripe exotic fruit. The magic of nature, art and fantasy conjures up beauty, elegance and grace.

The opening will be highlighted with the elegant performance from the model agency Susanna Models.
Since 11:00 till the last guest!
The full information about “Rubai” and reservations.

Photo exhebition, coffee-house “Rubai”, Saint-Petersburg

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