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By all means Saint Petersburg is beautiful European town, and not small one. It counts nearly 5 mln people living, and nearly the same number of tourists travelling inbound annually. The size of the town is about 600 sq. km, and with the suburbs, where you will definitely go to, is about 1400 sq. km. That requires a lot of travelling around! So let’s see what means of transportation the town can offer to the guest, and what the wise approach to use it is.

Underground Metro in St. Petersburg The Deepest And The Fastest
Metro system in Saint Petersburg is the deepest in the world – and this is the only well known fact about Saint Petersburg metro. It could not be designed other way in the town where 10% of the territory is water covered. Besides it is the first metro where a lot of stations were built as horizontal lifts – platform and train are separated with the wall, and doors are opening only upon train’s full stop by the platform. The history saves the story, that it was in the mid of 19th century when Alexander the 2d got a note from one of the engineers offering to built a ‘tunnel transport’ in Saint Petersburg. But it took almost 1 and half century for the technical progress to design and construct Leningrad Metro – deepest in the world.

escalator in metro, sankt peterburg, russia But what does it mean, travelling deep underground? Nothing special, but you should remember that it will take you longer than anywhere to descend down to the platform. And stay on the right side of escalator either descending or ascending, as it will save your ribs and nerves from punches of some speedy dudes running up or down the escalator. Also make sure your bags or luggage is not blocking the left side of the escalator. St. Petes metro counts quite a few stations, much less than Moscow metro, and central ones are always busy. Centrally located stops are even busier in mornings and afternoons, when office hours are done. Try to avoid entering central metro stations between 5.30 – 7.00 pm in the work days; otherwise you can get stuck in people traffic jam, or, what the locals call it, ‘penguin pacing’ – the crowd is stepping from foot to foot just like penguins. One more piece of generous advice: don’t try to speak to the uniform people in English or any other foreign language. If you have a question ask a passer by, as it is bigger chance you will be heard. And you don’t need to stand in a long line to get your travel token, each station has orange or blue slot machines where you can get the token, 50 rubles cash only, and it saves you a lot of time.

Now let’s quickly look at some stations and lines for more tips.

1st line or Red line – is the eldest. All the stations are heavily decorated and remind of Moscow Metro very much. Don’t miss Avtovo Station with fabulous columns made of crafted glass, and Ploschad Lenina Station where is the longest escalator in the world. When you are at Mayakovskaya Station pay attention to the huge mosaic picture there, stare a bit longer than a quick glance, and you will see the face of Stalin behind it.

2d line or Blue line is the longest of all. Tekhnologicheskiy Institute Station has 4 entrances and exists and it is connection point with Red Line. Be very attentive as the platforms appear on different side of the couch depending which line you are moving along.
metro (underground) map saint petersburg

3d line or Green Line ends up at Vasilievskiy Island. When you are disembarking at Vasileostrovskaya Station form the first or the last couch make sure you are standing before the middle doors, the fist door and the last doors of the train are blocked.

4th line or Yellow Line and the 5th  or Purple Line  are new transportations. All stations are high ceiling and with cutting edge design. The newest is Admiralteiskaya Station, open in 2011, December 28.

Mayakovskaya and Ploschad Vostania connection stations: there are two ways of transferring from the one to another either by walking corridor or by escalator. If you have rolling bags with you – chose the escalator, as you can hardly find a rampant by any stairs in the metro.

Gostinniy Dvor and Nevsky Prospekt connection stations: these are two busiest stations all through the day. You can approach ‘Gostinniy Dvor Shopping Mall’ right from the metro upon ascending the escalator at Gostinniy Dvor station. Yes, these two stations are connected, but exists are in different corners of Nevsky prospect: one leads you to ‘Gostinniy Dvor Shopping Mall’ at the uneven side of Nevsky, another – to the corner of Nevsky prospect and Dumskaya (Mikhailovskaya Street) at the uneven side too; and the third one is on the corner of Nevsky prospect and Griboedov Canal on the even side of Nevsky, opposite to Kazan Cathedral. Read the pointers attentively!

Admiralteiskaya Metro Station, Saint Petersburg
Admiralteyskaya Station this is the only central station has no connections, but it is the closest to top sightseeing spots: Dvortsovaya (Palace) Square, the Admiraty, St. Isaac Cathedral, Peter the Great Monument, and many other.

Vladimirskaya and Dostoevskaya connection stations: names of the stations speak for themselves. This town area is famous for the Dostoevsky and most of his characters residency. Entrance to Dostoevskaya Station is hidden in the shopping mall at Vladimirskiy prospect, whereas the entrance to Vladimirskaya Station is on the corner with Dostoevskya Street.

When searching for the place to have lunch in St Petersburg use Geo Tag with Pulpolocal and you will not miss your station!

Merto St Petersburg

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